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The Land View #3 - 'The Greenhouse'

The greenhouse has been a triumph. Our aim was to build something big enough in which we could grow enough plants to spread through the community far and wide. The winter seemed to drag on till May, which brought its challenges! But in just a matter of days we'd ditched the winter coats for our summer shorts.

With the help of our fabulous volunteer Zoe we got to work. Our setup was the Land all over! Free plastic crates, lined with some free plastic, filled with hundreds of mini pieces of free carpet tubes, filled with free compost (from the skip), and yes......even the seeds were free.

We watered, waited, watered, then waited a bit more. There were casualties, of course, but thats gardening! The zinnias didn't enjoy our pallet hot house, but the corn, the sunflowers, the courgettes, the runner beans.....they had a right old time!

Two days of our 'Plant on Wheels' tour around the estate, and the greenhouse is empty, bar one, lonely, melon plant.

The greenhouse is no longer a greenhouse. It's waiting patiently for the kids to come and claim it, for a den, a pirate ship, a hospital, a cave, a spaceship, firewood, or who knows, maybe a greenhouse! It is however, not for us to decide.

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