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The Land- Kettle club& Breakfast club

Plas Madoc Kettle Club is run by the AVOW Play Team ( The Land) – the group meets every Thursday between 12.30 - 2.30pm in the Opportunities Centre.

It’s an informal, friendly group where parents/grandparents/ carers can meet up and have a chat over a brew. People can also access support, advice and have opportunities to attend free training.

The group is free to attend and everyone is welcome

Wednesdays at Kettle Club Hub 9am we run a breakfast club - on the menu varies from hash browns, vegan sausages, beans ( or spaghetti), toast also the Kettle will be on

So, for any parents/residents who fancy a friendly chat over a brew and some breakfast please pop in - it's all free and everyone is welcome.

Thursdays Citizens advice Free support and advice available at Kettle club 1pm-4pm (next to The Land). No appointment needed.

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