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The Land View #2 - 'The green fingered wave'

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

There's no hiding from the gardening revolution that's happening in Plas Madoc. There's a buzz about the place, and it's not just the bees.

Lockdown saw a wave of gardening interest across the country, and we were no different here. We are now a network of gardeners and we're growing, literally and metaphorically! Plants are changing hands, pictures are shared, and excited conversations over garden fences are common place. Then there's the slugs, of course, But we have each other for support, and it's just a click away. 'Plants Madoc & Wildlife' is our celebration of all things leafy and beautiful, where we share small patches of our lives that we're once empty and grey, but are now vibrant, colourful, and covered in pollinators.

Our latest wacky venture on The Land is a strawberry farm mounted along the top of our perimeter fence. Good luck to the slugs getting up there!

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